Paris// What we did!

Myself & Mr D planned this trip away for a few reasons;

  1. For an event I was going to
  2. To visit an exhibition that means a lot to us as a couple
  3. To keep our relationship as strong as it's always been

We organised everything down to the letter, regarding Al's stay with my parents, & our own travel.
We've both only even been away from Al once, this now being the second, we hated leaving him but knew it's healthy for all of us.

Mr D & I don't feel we have to explain ourselves, but like to keep you all informed, & not left in the dark.

If you follow our instagram @Zombiiemummy you'll have seen a few photos we've snapped on our weekend here in Paris.

Firstly we went to Playtime Paris. I had a very good time & thoroughly enjoyed chatting with brands I hope to work with in the coming future.
I took a few snaps, those will be on our Instagram in the coming days so please check those out!

*please note I personally asked every person for permission to photograph their stand/products & would like to reiterate this, I've never nor will I ever post photo's of products that the original owner/person whom owns the rights to, wouldn't give me permission for first. :)

The train rides seemed to be a common daily part of life here, something we adjusted to quickly.

We visited the Art Ludique, which featured Studio Ghibli original artwork etc, for anyone who knows Mr D and I personally they'll know what an important part Studio Ghibli plays in our lives, & how much we adored visiting

(I have lots of souvenirs!)

 We both shared a really yummy crepe!
Of course Mr D gave me the last bit, he's very lovely (I'm keeping him, haha)

Monday we're going back to see our gorgeous little boy, we've facetimed him via ipads, which has helped a little, but is no way near the same. I cannot wait to kiss him & cuddle him & follow him around & probably annoy him a little haha.

I've got lots to do these coming weeks, I'm really excited on what this year will bring us as a blog,
It's all because of you all reading our blog, reading all about our lives, what we get up to, our opinions on products that makes us strive to be better & better.

so thank you :)