Our Hotel Room/Bruges

We're all currently in Bruges, we had a long day of travelling yesterday & to top it off Al's coat zip broke on the train into London, which infuriated me because the coat is literally only 3 months old! I'll be emailing the brand to see if I can get a replacement or an explanation..

So I had to get him something Equally as warm around St Pancras international.. the only place I could get something remotely warm was Cath Kidson, Don't get me wrong, I like her designs but feel they're overpriced.. I had to buy Al a fleece lined raincoat & also a Gillet.. which altogether came in at £62! I'm not happy with that, but I would pay it over & over again because we had no choice, Al had to have a coat that zips up & he had to be warm.

these are a few snaps of inside our hotel room!

Our bed..

Al getting comfy hehe

Our bedroom light!

If your on my instagram you'll be seeing some few updated snaps throughout the day & also my twitter! 

We all just finished our continental breakfast and are now going to check out a chocolate museum.


  1. What a shame about Al's coat!
    The room looks lovely, hope you have a lovely time xx

  2. It is a real shame! We're having a great time thank you 😊 how was the baby show?

  3. Glad to hear. I'm off to the baby show tomorrow! X