Mini Review// Playon Crayon

Today I wanted to show you these absolutely excellent Crayons by Studio Skinky.

They are designed to be held easily by little hands, & I think they're a brilliant idea, I love the shape of them, & you can even put them on the end of an Adult finger!, so you know there's no tiny spaces for your precious little ones fingers to get pinched or hurt.

they're a great size & are not too small either!, Al loved carrying this yellow crayon around in his hand & scribbling away!

The colour is an exquisite shade of Yellow & leaves colour on the page very easily

It glides on paper easily & smells of absolutely nothing. All are Certified non toxic, carry the CE mark (which of course is the European Safety standard mark) & are stackable too! which just adds to the awesome fun they create!

We're still at Nana's & Granddads so paper was a little hard to find!
but Al found it so much fun & we know exactly what we'll be doing later... buying lots! 

We put this particular colour to the test, to see if it was in fact stain free, the result? we actually had to rub quite hard on Mr D's clothing, for it to even make a tiny visible mark on his sleeve. the time it took and force it took to leave this in our opinion barely visible mark, would mean you'd soon see your little angel(s) re designing clothing of theirs & intervene, we wiped the area with warm water ( with a little soap) & it came straight off.

I find these a lot better for him than the average crayons, which are at best thin an a little too fragile, not ideal for toddlers, but with Playon Crayons they will stand the test of time & stay vibrant & lots of fun for all ages! ( my mum loves these as much as we do & had to have a watch!)

Want some awesome Crayons for your little one(s)? check out Playon Crayon today!