Keepsake Idea//An arty Idea..

When Al was born, I went slightly overboard with the keepsakes, we took a print of his foot & hand each month,I've kept every picture he's ever done, since he was able to hold a pen or crayon, I've categorised every photo & Video into months old,I also have several clay imprints of his hands or feet as well,not to mention he has a special memory box, containing various special pieces such as outfits, pregnancy notes & appointment letters..I've also written a letter to Al since he was a month old,each sealed for when he's old enough to understand & read the contents..

I think some parents will agree I went slightly potty with the keepsakes, others will agree with myself that it's a lovely way to mark moments in your life you'll never again get back, and to share this with your child too once they're old enough to appreciate.

you can think up so many lovely keepsake ideas when they're at a cooperative age!, once the toddler years set in, sometimes it can be a forgotten time, that time when they're testing you mentally & physically, & when they're trying to become more independent & wilful, but they're only toddlers for so long, which is no time at all in all honesty..  I came up with an idea whilst spending a ridiculous amount in Ikea! (all needed of course!)

Fabric & pens you can draw on & then eventually keep forever!

There was two designs to choose from, I chose this design because It was more unisex.

the fabric was £7 a metre ( I brought 2 metres ) & the pens were £2. which was perfect!

I decided I'd create a little bag after Al had finished with it.

You use the pens, wait an hour (for it to dry) Iron it (the reverse of the fabric) & wash it & voila! a permanent piece of work your little one has created, & you can wash it too & the design wont run!

I also intend to let him colour/scribble on a square of the fabric every year he turns a new age & eventually turn it into a wall hanging, a sort of timeline if you like :) 

It's a great idea for documenting the childhood years that often just run away with time..