A great Day

Yesterday we did lots, & managed to fit in a nap for Al as well, which he desperately needed!
I'm rushing this post because checkout time is 11am and it's currently 10.25am..

Firstly I came across this gorgeous Children's wear shop, called Fred & Ginger, I'd never heard of it before, & I quickly fell in love! I love their range & decided that we would buy this top, it's in a size 98 & the lady even gave him a free box of raisins! 

I love the designs & will be checking this brand out further in the future!

On my ever growing quest to get Al to eat like he did at 10 months (which was extremely well!)  I found this, by Fred & It's a plate with a face on that you can design further with your food! I thought I'd give it a go & see if it will work.. but only downside is it's smashable, so perhaps if they considered a melamine or biodegradable alternative it would entice more people to buy?

Dinner last night was also yummy! Mr D's brother & his little family couldn't make it as they were feeling under the weather, Al was so well behaved! & even scored a free ice cream from the waiter!

Unfortunately I'll have to leave it here.. posts will be back to normal very soon! wish us luck getting back to the UK today!

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