When we first moved in our home our bills weren't low in the slightest, we had to get card meters removed as well, not to mention ensuring the debt left on the meters wasn't our responsibility, I had no idea what "credit" in the bills world meant & I had little to no knowledge, but once I sat with Mr D & worked through it, it made as much sense as it ever would.

I wish I could definitely say do X Y & Z and BANG more money in your pocket for you!, I hope reading some ideas I can give you will hopefully ensure you to save some money on your bills.

Our home was made in the 60's, it's layout is typical of the trend of that era, a kitchen you can shut off from the rest of the house.
A downstairs toilet was built into an existing corner of our hallway, so we've got another extra room to heat- not a massive room but all the same..

starting off with our water bills, We are on a standard water rate for our area. we don't really do a lot different, We use an "Eco laundry Egg" you can see the review I did for that here

We don't fill baths up very much & wash up when we have plenty to wash. not to mention there's only still 3 of us in the house.

Our water supplier is Severn Trent Water.

Electricity to me is a little more easier to control, every plug outlet (that's what I call it?..) the switches are off, the only ones that are on constant is:
  1. Outside Security light
  2. fridge freezer
  3. washing machine
whenever we're not using an item we switch it off & remove it, even after making a cup of tea the kettle gets switched off straight after, tv is the same, when we actually have it on that is. 
with the exception of the darker times of the year when we're out all day, we sometimes use a timer switch for a light. 

some have asked me if it's annoying constantly switching switches off, honestly? not at all, It's something we've done since day one living here & I know it must contribute to our bill. 

Our Electricity supplier is E.on 

Our heating bill is the most frustrating to some family members of ours, Heating can be so expensive.
I believe one of the main factors is the style/layout & age of your home, Like I said in the start our home was built in the 60's it's layout means our living dining room was built away from the hallway (a typical cold spot which create draught) our kitchen also. both have doors to shut the cold out, which can keep nice pockets of heat in each room.

Our external doors are not double glazed thick doors, and some of our windows are slightly draughty at times. This year we improved them by using some inexpensive things we brought at our local DIY store, which actually dramatically improved them!, not a total fix but enough for when we do get brand new windows & Doors we still all stay warm.

At night our heating goes down, not because we're stingy, because our bedrooms get very warm, & if we don't turn it down we all have a very uncomfortable night, our bedroom doors aren't closed but almost are (make sense?..) 

we turn our heating low almost off when going out & unused room radiators are turned right down.

 If you want to, you can do simple things to prevent a lot of cold coming into your home. 

We have cavity wall insulation & Loft insulation & have a Semi Detached house.

Below Is a peek of our actual bill statement showing our energy bill

This is currently a fixed rate for 1 year. 

Doing everything I've listed above I truly believe helps, alongside with the insulation in the house & layout helps keeps our bills low.

I hope this has given some of you ideas or help in trimming your bills down. 

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