What I Wear..

I thought I'd start off with a promise I made to myself, to treat myself, whenever possible that is!

I have one outfit idea today to show you, because I'm still awaiting a few other items to create a "lookbook" type post.

I love all the darker coloured clothing, not for the obvious reason I'd look like a sack of potato's in anything else, but because I genuinely feel I suit it. 

Scarf: Gift.
top: Choies.com
Jeans: Basic black skinny Jeans.
Jacket: New look

I like loose fitting tops & jackets, I like to feel confident knowing if I have to make a sudden movement (for example running after my toddler) I know my clothes wont tear around me.

I'm experimenting with my clothing a bit more than I have before, & no don't worry I wont be trying on a crop top anytime soon!

I feel like I'll gain more confidence once I'm at a shape I'm 100% happy with, I'm doing it for myself & not anybody else!

I'm looking forward to creating more posts like this.

would you like to see more posts like this? write a comment below :)