Toddler Haul!// H&M

Mr D was less than keen on a trip to the shops this morning, he described it as enjoyable as having violent diarrhoea, but I managed to persuade him, Al is slowly running low of various things such as trousers, finding his first scuffed little hole in a pair of his jeans was a proud moment, & then again not so.. the realisation that he's a proper boy now & he will get his fair share of scuffed clothing.

I decided to take a peek in H&M I love their clothes & the prices are fair also!

I was not disappointed.

 First Is a Marvel Jumper in size 3-4years.
the fabric feels lovely & its a slightly faded design so It's not a loud piece, I thought Al could team it with a plain coloured shirt & jeans.


Second is a pair of elasticated waist jogging trousers (that's what I call them anyway..)

This design sort of reminds me of designs thought up by the likes of Bobo Choses & Beau Loves.. but still a lovely item, it's a piece you can team with a colourful tee long sleeved or short.
An item of clothing I'm positive will get plenty of wear & tear! & also a  very gender neutral piece.


A pack of socks are one of those purchases I see, & totally impulse buy..
Al has enough socks to last him until he's in primary school! but I still buy them haha.

What I love the most about these are they have an anti slip part in the design of a skeleton's foot! having wood flooring throughout most of our house means lots of opportunities to slip over.

£5.99 x 4 (I think..)

A basic pair of elasticated Jeans for Al. he hasnt got many as I find a lot of them restricting, but these are very durable & best of all elasticated, I can't understand why the clothing industry put buttons & fly's on babies jeans & young children's Jeans.. so I always go for Elasticated.


A nice fitting long sleeve top with a cool looking character on the front, I prefer Al in long sleeve tops than short, & this lovely design just proves how awesome long sleeve tops can look.

It could be teamed up with a basic pair of Jeans or an awesome pair of Indikidual Leggings.


Lastly this lovely almost pirate like map jumper in navy/dark blue.

Would look great teamed up with a white shirt underneath & light coloured Jeans.


I hope you enjoyed this Toddler Haul

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