The long hard Journey

It's taken me a little time to decide whether or not to do this post, but I decided that our journey is similar in one way or another to many others out there so there's little point in keeping it "secret" 

Before I start I want to thank 2 ladies, they in secret told me about their pregnancies in 2014 before announcing it publicly because they knew how I was having trouble conceiving & subsequently having a rough time of it. they both didn't need to do this & as they spoke to me with such kind words & encouragement It actually brought a tear to my eye. To you two ladies, thank you, thank you for considering me in such an exciting time for you both & your families. & I cannot wait to see your announcements of their safe arrivals into this world.

Mr D & I conceived Al fairly quickly, & had always put it down to I must be fairly fertile (I hate that expression, It makes me feel like some "in season" cow or dog..) 

We've been TTC (trying to conceive) for over a year now, (with our loss around the middle of that year) It knocked us for six so we had a break.

I'm hoping this year will be the year we succeed. Al is 2 now & growing more & more each day, his language skills are so good & his latest favourite word is "what?" in response to his name being called.. Mr D & I are ready for another & have been for a while, we take all the vitamins, eat right, exercise & amongst other blatantly obvious activities should have succeeded by now..

I'm using this app on my phone *photo above* to help keep a record of things, in the hope than rather a random stab in the dark each month will improve things. 

I'm remaining positive for this year & joke with Mr D that we'll have our final baby with another winter birthday (Als & mine are Nov, Mr D's Dec) 

I feel I've got past the stage of thinking about it constantly..or rather worrying & stressing about it.
& try to between waiting for the inevitable big fat negative each time focus on my bouncy toddler with an infectious smile & laugh. & try and think that I waited for Al so if I have to wait a little longer for this last baby I can hold out a little longer.

hoping all those TTC get their BFP (big fat positives) really soon

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  1. Good luck and I will keep my fingers crossed for you :) xxxxxx