Recipe// Using up Ingredients..

I totally forgot yesterday to do a post, sorry about that! there's a lot going on in our house at the moment so it got a little crazy.

I'm at the stage at the moment when I'm using up bits and pieces in my cupboard, fridge & Freezer as we're all going away.

What I used:

Chicken fillets
frozen peas
garlic clove
1 onion
long grain rice

1. I chopped the onion,garlic & chicken up put it all in a sandwich bag with a little butter, & mixed it all to coat it well

2. I put it all in a frying pan with a tablespoon of Olive oil (olive oil is a little better for you)
fry it all off.

3.Boil the water for the rice & start cooking the rice, put Peas in separate pan & cook those.

4. As Al is still a little fussy, I made him an omelette to go with his dinner!
which is simply an Egg & milk.

I cooked that & I roll it & cut into bite sized rolls for Al to eat easily

5. once everything is cooked, combine the rice & peas & dish up!


The joy about using up random ingredients is that you can combine them to create a dish you wouldn't always cook & you may surprise yourself at how well it goes down with the family!

Al ate everything on his plate (minus the chicken..) which was a massive plus for me & something i'll be preparing again for him soon!