Our current Favourites//Lush

I thought I'd share with you our current favourites from Lush, I adore the products from lush & thought why not share each of our current favourites

Al's Favourite product is:

"Dream Cream"

according to Lush it's their number 1 Lush product!
& we all agree.

It's a soothing & cooling cream which is designed for even the most sensitive & easy upset skins.

We brought this for Al to see if it would help his slight *eczema, & have been using it for a week, Al's skin gets dry, particularly on his legs, we used this product for a whole week with equal amounts each time & it has drastically improved the affected areas!

It looks almost clay like, but is a very light cream, less is definitely more with this cream!, unlike others we've tried.
It smells lovely with subtle tones of Lavender, Lavender also helps with settling little ones off to sleep, so and added little bonus too.

we will definitely be continuing to use this product for Al.

* Al has slight eczema which does not need doctors intervention, we have been advised by the doctor to keep affected areas moisturised, we are not advising you to use any particular product on your child's skin if they have eczema, we are just highlighting that this product works for our child.

Mr D's favourite product is:


A beard & facial wash with pineapple ,apricot kernel oil & cupuacu butter

(I'll pass this bit onto Mr D, as this is more his area than mine :). )

Its a pretty thick cream but less is more, It smells a little like lemon meringue, with the job I work I work in all sorts of extremes, going from boiling temperatures to outside in the snow. I found the use of this cream really helps keep my face hydrated (I suffer from dry sky) as well as my beard nice and soft which is nice to know I am keeping it well maintained as I used to use just simple shampoo to clean it! I won't be going back to using any other face and beard wash as this one ticks all the boxes.

My favourite product is:

"Angels on bare skin"

A face and body cleanser

I love this product because you can customize it to how you like it, just put a piece in your hand and work in some warm water to create a paste as thin or thick as you like & work into your skin, It smells amazing in my opinion,again with subtle lavender tones. It's gentle on my skin, I'm prone to oily skin & this helps keep my skin looking as best as it can.

We all love saving the containers to bring back to our local Lush store, Al particularly loves stacking them & then knocking them down again.