Homewear Haul

I don't remember the last time I just went into a shop and brought some bits for the house, I went into the shop really just wanting to get out of the house.

I came out at least 30-45 minutes afterwards with a fair few finds!

Large Yellow metal toy container(?) I've not really seen anything quite like it before..well apart from the likes of Pin interest anyway! I was like a magpie to a shiny object regarding this, peeking at the label expecting it to be ridiculous money it was only £25! so I had to have it..because you know its for Al! (okay so I loved it so much I just brought it..)

 Next is x1 wok & x1 frying pan
my Tefal ones have gone awful & the stuff coating the bottom has come away, who knows where (hoping we've not unknowingly eaten it??...)
It was my mum actually who suggested "ceramic" ones so I found these Wok=£16.99 frying pan=£10.00

hoping these will stand the test of time a little better.

Lastly Is getting to be quite an obsession with Mr D & I, are Japanese cooking/prep knives. (let it be known strictly cooking M'kay! haha)
we both prefer the awesome way it cuts & slices effortlessly through meat,veg etc... only almost had 1 fatal accident with it, but you know I'm still here & with all my fingers so I must be doing something correctly haha.
Japanese knife= £10.00

& then this is a random buy, however with good intentions, this actually turns your sandwiches into tetris blocks! Al wont really touch sandwiches, so I'm hoping this will make it exciting enough to eat, & failing that I'll go down the "bento" lunch route..

tetris bread presser by Fred= £1.99