Dettol// Baby Blanket Campaign

Today I'm going to be talking about a wonderful Campaign fronted by the lovely Rachel Stevens & Dettol.

It is the Baby Blanket Donation.

Did you know that even when you wash your baby blankets, they're are still bacteria on them?

Dettol are looking for families to donate their unwanted, & unused baby blankets to give to infants born to families in need.

For every blanket donated Dettol will donate £1 to Sparks, a children's medical research charity.

But why baby blankets?

Just think, a baby blanket is a symbol, something you have from day one with your baby, its something special to us the parents, & when old enough, special for your baby as well.

This is the baby blanket we'll be donating, It's kept Al warm, & close to us as new parents,
We know how important a blanket is to a new baby, so this is why we're encouraging everyone to get involved!

We love having piece of mind knowing that washing with Dettol's Antibacterial Cleanser, it gets items really clean, even if I put on a low temperature wash!

If you'd love to get involved please visit

Also why not get involved on twitter too? @DettolBlanket & share with the Hashtag #sharethememories

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