Current DIY projects..

The trouble I face is with crafts, I get overwhelmed, I lack the time to put 100% focus into a large project..
So I enjoy small projects to quench my crafting thirst..that and I can't knit or crochet to save my life..

I brought this adorable bag kit & I must admit, I have the bag making bug now!

Chick Chack.

It was super easy to make, understand & considering I'm still a sewing newbie, I'm happy with my efforts! It took me hardly any time to sew & I intend to use it to take some favourite toys of Al's to his grandparents, even a picnic once the weather improves! 

I'm going to collect them all I think, they're so adorable! 

I'm really into re-using & being as Eco as I possibly can be, It occurred to me that, although we don't use plastic bags, we still use them in the kitchen! it bothered me a little all this plastic eventually ending up in landfill.. so I decided I'll make my own Bento Bags, & sandwich bags that we can re-use & wash! 

Pictured below is my current progress creating a bento bag, once I get the hang of those I'll be moving onto the sandwich bags with wipe able fabric inside.