Cooking on a budget// Sausage casserole

Cooking in our house is a love of ours, we enjoy cooking almost as much as we do eating, for some though it's not quite so exciting.

I thought I'd share a basic recipe of ours for when our food stock is a little low & we want to eat something warming.

you will need:

sausages (we used 8 so we had plenty & extra for the next day..)
vegetables ( we used broccoli,peas & celery, but you can use any you like!)
vegetable stock (we used Oxo cubes )

1. brown the sausages in a frying pan & add the veg for a few minutes
2. make up the vegetable stock and add into your casserole dish
3.add sausages & veg and put lid on
4. pop in oven on medium heat for around 2 hours, checking every so often.
5. dish up & enjoy!

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