What's in my toddler bag tag!

What's good for you-tubers is good enough for us bloggers! & what better tag to do than what's in my bag tag? with a toddler twist!

Inspired by the fact there's too many baby bag posts out there but not much about, arguably one of the difficult stages in your babies life, the toddler stage!

so what are we waiting for?

The what's in my Toddler bag?


My bag is from Accessorize, I'm not a girlie bag lover, I love simplicity & I like my mummy bags to be as neutral looking as I can, for the basic fact, 1. I prefer them that way 2. It needs to look neutral for Dean when he goes out just the boys, I cringe when I see poor dads/carers walking around with sparkly bits & "yummy mummy" scrawled across them... & you can see they dislike it. (but each to their own)

In the front zip part of the bag I used as the snack part, where I keep anti bacterial gel, tissues & some snacks, here's our family favourites Ella's kitchen puff-its, organix raisins & Apple & orange fruit

The main part of my bag is lovely & spacious.

  1. Tote bags
  2. Keys
  3. x3 pullups & mat
  4. Ipad mini
  5. purse
  6. phone
  7. wipes
  8. wet bag

  •  Tote bags:  we dislike plastic bags in our house & always use reusuables, so I carry some around.
  • Keys: to lock my front door & get back in again?.. haha.
  • X3 pullups & mat: we prefer pullups, I see no point in nappies for Al now & the mat in case we have to change him in some usually manky looking room,so he can stand/lay on something clean!
  • Ipad mini: Only goes with me on days out, trips to the shops I wont take it, it's usually to keep him occupied on long journeys in a car or waiting for food.
  • Purse: Cannot get anywhere without money now..
  • Phone: To keep in touch with friends & family & various social networks & the usual rubbish it spews.
  • Wipes: Reusable wipes, & in our opinion 1000% better than any others out there. I usually take 9-10 wetted wipes & some dry spares, but this depends on where I'm going.
  • Wet bag: To put all the used wipes in ready for the washing machine (when I have a decent pile of them)

I hope you enjoyed this Tag I sure did!

remember if you want me to do a particular Tag post, comment below!