What I've learnt in 2014

2014 has been one hell of a year for us as a family.

Firstly I dealt with some toxic people in my life, & came to the realisation that sometimes, people just don't change, & won't & that I cannot live my life floating around others drama & toxic behaviour. (not that I enjoyed it in the first place!)

I'm still learning but, I guess it counts for this year, that describing myself as a "naturally pessimistic" person is bad for my health, & to try to strive to find a way to stay in a good place, some people have yoga.. I'm still finding mine.

We went through a tragic loss & came out of the other side of it closer as a couple, We're in no way over losing our baby, on my dark moments I watch Al playing & hear him call me muma or mummy, he gets me through.

& we're introducing a furry friend into our family! she's a long haired tabby & we've named her Chi (pronounced Ch-ee) I'm looking forward to having a little company of an evening, having a little animal to cuddle up on the sofa with.

parts of 2014 I'm looking forward to trying to forget, other parts were fun, like our first trip to The isle of Man, getting amazing opportunities thanks you all of you who follow & read this blog, & planning our 2015 summer holiday.

I'm hoping 2015 will be a little more gentle on myself personally, & even more fun for us as a family together. 

Goals for 2015:
  1. laugh often
  2. have fun
  3. treat myself a little
  4. do more baking with Al
  5. don't let downers get me down too

Have a wonderful Christmas to each one of you & here's to a great new year!