The Toddler free morning

This morning I felt I'd had enough of feeling stressed out, & among other things, decided I was going to go into town & spend some of my gift cards.

I invited my friend along & soon we had met up & It was such a spectacular change of pace, not having to walk with a little person, telling them not to touch this or bypassing specific shops I need to go in but darent because of little hands.

we could take our time, chat & have a hot drink of our choice without it going cold or sharing it with our little people.

Life does change when you have a child. it changes in more ways you can imagine. people underestimate that. I've learnt it's not bad to miss my old life, but I also know that that life is gone now, & I wont get it back, ever.

This isn't a bad thing, it teaches you to create a new fragment of that freedom into your parent life,whether it's going to the bathroom on your own or going out on your own, no matter what it is, if you can keep a part of yourself as you & not parent you'll always be a little free. :)

Al got some Argos gift cards, I spent half on this for his play doh, It came with the rucksack,3 play doh mini tubs, pens crayons, cutters & rolling pin with a little play mat for £9.99 

As you can see he loves it, & already has quite a little collection going on.

Lastly is something for me, I don't buy anything for myself really, & I really should.. I brought this from Benefit makeup & thought it was a nice little selection for the price. I think it was around £24.90 ? 

I got a few other random bits like gloves for Al & treats to go into his advent calendar, I hope that I can get myself some nice things come the January sales! I focus so so much on Al & my husband I need to treat myself too. All parents should try, if they can.