Review// Mango Salute

Christmas cards.. often difficult purchases to make, time consuming, & is it just me or are they just so plain?! I don't want to give my friends & loved ones the same card as everyone else's, but who has time to change that, when like me you have a toddler to keep occupied, and damned near impossible to look around a shop looking for the right ones, especially when the little angels are knock things over..& often without the right sort of ideas your after in the first place!

Finding an alternative has been fruitless...until now!

 So what is mango salute?
Mango Salute is an online tool in which you can personalise fine art cards, with an even better twist!- the ability to add video onto your card! (we'll come back to that shortly!) 

With Mango salutes great range of talented artists, you'll find a card for even the fussiest friend or family member!

I know what you're thinking, "but creating a card online will be difficult, & with so many steps to it.."  they only have around 3 steps (from choosing the card to personalizing) each incredibly easy to do.

you can choose from 6 templates to help you get creative..

I really like how there's different fonts to choose from,font sizes,colours & an "get inspired" button which is handy for when you want to say something a little more.

Some of the designs I chose for both sets of parents, friends and some close family members. 
We personalised each card differently from the last, & added video to only a few, my parents being one of them as time is always precious with them, I haven't added the videos to show you all because I feel the content in the videos are personal to our families,

Remember I mentioned about adding a video to a card? well you don't have to just personalise your own message, you can add a favourite video from you tube, or even a song! it's then encoded onto your card,ready for a lovely little surprise for your loved one. how awesome is that?!

Mango Salute has saved me a lot of time, & not to mention taken the stress out of Christmas card shopping! I'm a mango salute convert! 

with they're cards at £4.50 including all the personalising & with free shipping for UK & internationally there's even a bulk order discount! so what are you waiting for?

but before you go check them out, the lovely people at Mango salute have kindly given you all a code to use at checkout! 

xmas40  - for 40% off your cards when you enter the code at checkout! (code expires 25/12/14)

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