Review// The Gro Company

Today I thought I'd review a gro bag by the gro company!
when Al was a baby we used them a lot! we called them "sleepy bags" in our house, Al was born in late November so these were great for us being totally new parents as well as dealing with the cold time of year!

But having a grobag isn't just for babies you know! they're for all the way up to 10 yrs!

As soon as it arrived in the post we were excited, the packaging is eye catching & easy to read with all it's awards proudly on display, did you know it's won Mother & baby magazine's Gold award 5 times!
The Lullaby trust also recommends gro bag, it has 100% cotton fabrics & also has a travel feature, which has also won a gold award (but we'll get back to that in a minute)
even down to opening the package it has got the busy parent in mind, which the opening feature on the packaging being Velcro, so no ripping or snipping at the cardboard to get it open!- excellent in my opinion!

Gro bag is a wearable blanket for your child, & recommended time to start using one is when your baby weighs more than 8lbs 8oz (0-6mnths size) The gro company, gives you a handy tool to work out which is the correct size & tog for your child, A tog being a warmth rating (higher the tog number the warmer the item)  you can find this handy tool by clicking here.

Al & I chose the Carnival print in 3-6 years in tog 1.0, we chose this tog because his room stays firmly in this category for warmth, it's important to choose the right one, as I explained in the previous part. 

the picture above will hopefully give you an idea of how long it is, this was something that concerned me as Al's always been on the long side, but as you can see I had nothing to worry about!

We love this design, it has neutral graphics, & could be used by either boy or girl in our opinion,the colours are gorgeous, & little characters on it look inviting & inspire imagination.

the gro bag has a 2 way front zip & 100% super soft jersey lining! making this gro bag lovely and soft & cuddly. 

So remember when I mentioned the travel feature? Well on the back of the gro bag is a "back vent" 

It can be velcro'd closed when it's not in use. & doesn't feel any different from the inside, so there's no worry when your little one is sleeping in it.

The travel feature fits a 5 point harness, ideal for the pushchair or car seat, so your little one can be snug on journey's, not just bedtime! perfect for this time of year too!

Myself & Dean planned how Al was going into the gro bag before hand, it was a lot different from when he was a baby when you just laid them down and tenderly zipped them up in it, with a toddler it's very different! 

We laid it in his cot & put him in this way,It was easy to zip, there was no snagging or pulling & Al had plenty of space all around, there was no fuss of any kind, in fact!, watching him on the video monitor as soon as he had finished his milk he fell asleep immediately! which is a first, I'm positive it is because of the gro bag, simply because he didn't have to get warm under his blankets and he felt snug & secure inside the entire time. 

Al didn't wake up until 9am! which he hasn't done in a while either! & sat patiently waiting for me to unzip him out of the gro bag that morning. 

Dean & I rate this gro bag by The gro company highly, the design, the graphics & the fact he slept very well, not only all the above but because Al really loves his gro bag & as he is 2, an age famous for being the awkward age means The gro company really understand parents & their children's needs!

If you'd like to purchase the design Al has click here or here for more information.

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  1. We love gro bags. All the boys have used them up until they were in big boy beds and now have his pick of many!

  2. We love them too! & they last very well, I've kept all of Als baby ones :)

  3. ive kept all the boys and We also got given a load from jons sister. So Ru is spoilt for choice and they all look brand new! They are a great baby buy!