Family Day out

We've had a lovely time visiting my parents, but as usual time goes far too quickly & I didn't even have chance to spend time with my best friend..

We visited a National trust house, unfortunately not quite spending enough time there,but with a stubborn toddler in toe, you quickly learn that it no longer matters that you cant look in that craft fair or learn how to make a real wax candle at that gorgeous looking Christmas fair.. what matters is you can get your toddler who's in full tantrum mode, across a mud strewn car park with inadequate shoes on, into your car as quickly as possible, without having the undying urge to gesticulate at passers by, glaring with they're ever beady judging little eyes.

It was very chilly but we managed through the biting chill to have a good time, just being in each others company is enough for me

The displays were so pretty & inspiring, it felt all the more festive in a strange sort of way..

& as usual inspires my ever growing expensive taste in home wares..

Al loved looking at the sheep, he's not a meat eater so I didn't explain to him that we eat them, It just felt natural to let him look at them & smile his wonderful little smile.

I treated myself to this rather overpriced second hand book, & my mum kindly brought me this Christmas magazine which has all sorts of lovely ideas inside!

We're off home tomorrow, and no doubt our home will have a ton of post & packages I'll need to collect from the mail depot.

I'm looking forward to my own bed & Al back in his room, & snuggling on our sofa with some good old comedy on the tv :)