Toddler Haul!

Today we decided to go around a shopping Center, we've stopped using the pushchair when we're with Dean because often than not we're in a car, when it's just myself & Al we walk everywhere, which Al will sit in a pushchair, luckily as it'd take us hours to get anywhere if he did walk..that & we get no end of tantrums if we don't let him walk..

Al is very well behaved, which we are very lucky & know we are! I got him a few things whilst there..
I've missed out 3 books I brought him, which aren't in the photos but you'll see them in a post coming soon!

Starting from the top left. (I haven't included prices because I can't remember all, if this is something you'd like to see leave a comment & I'll add them next time)

Beaker Pirate print- Asda
Baby care wash- Halos N horns
40 napkins- Tiger
12 wooden spoons- Tiger
2 cars- Tiger
12-Wooden forks-Tiger
Bear bath bomb-Lush
Age 5 long sleeve top (sale)- GAP
Age 4-5 pair socks (sale)- GAP

I love the wooden forks & spoons, they're for Al's birthday party & I hate plastic a lot so it made sense to buy something a little more Eco.. 

the wooden cars were £1 each & I think they're super cute, Al loves them too!

We've all pretty much finished Christmas and birthdays. November is the busiest month of the year with a whopping 4 birthdays all very close to one another. 

Mine being the first to come around. I'm really not phased by my birthday at all & 1000% focussed on Als. Dean keeps looking at me with a Cheshire cat grin every now & then, I cant tell if he's got something up his sleeve or he's in some sort of pain?.. 

I also indulged in a visit to Paperchase, a girl there was really chatty to me, makes a change from the usual grunts you get in a shop, & it was genuinely nice to talk to another person when its not almost solely about how cute Al is or about being a parent etc.. I do love those conversations but I sometimes wonder if I have an identity anymore.