The Dinosaur that pooped review & giveaway!

Dinosaurs, a current love in our house!, so what better books to review than ones about dinosaurs?!

Three books: The dinosaur that pooped the past, A planet & Christmas!-by Tom fletcher & Dougie Poynter.

A little about each book:

The Dinosaur that pooped Christmas:  Danny wants everything for christmas, but what he actually gets is a very hungry dinosaur!
Danny's new dino friend eats all of christmas...but! what goes in, must come out!..

The Dinosaur that pooped a planet!:   Danny & dinosaur are going into space, but Danny forgets Dino's lunch box, & the very hungry dinosaur eats everything in sight! including their only way home- their rocket! how will they get home?

The Dinosaur that pooped the past:  Danny & dinosaur travel through time on a swing!,theres a rumbling in the past, but this time it's not Dino's tummy! it's a volcano!

Each book is excellently written & Illustrated to match! each story has a wonderful rhythm to the story, making it easy to follow for little people & older ones alike!.

the stories are not too long & flow brilliantly page by page, the illustrations go excellently with the story, making it ever more exciting to turn the page!, Al loved making dinosaur noises & saying some of the words along with me.

Al really liked the dinosaur that pooped Christmas, because of the dinosaur growing & stuffing his face! & seeing father Christmas. (we wont give any more away, we promise!)

The dinosaur that pooped trio of books will keep your little ones interested throughout the entire story, I should know I had to re-read each of them to Al a number of times.

 A story about poop?! I hear you cry?, don't worry!, it's only a small amount of toilet humour throughout the books, making it just naughty enough for the children, & a firm favourite on your child's book shelves!, And always a guaranteed interesting conversation with them. haha!

Al & I reading The dinosaur that pooped a planet.

We both enjoyed the rocket & the dinosaur getting into mischief in space! we both laughed when we said "yuck"to the brilliantly detailed poop trail! 

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  1. Wud defo be for my daughter, and I think I might enjoy it to :p

  2. I'd give it to Wyatt for Christmas to make our story times more interesting

  3. I'd give them to my 3 year old son! he loves dinosaurs and space! so what more could he want! :D