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I have always thought of personalised photo items to be a very good idea, something that is created with memories of your own, to make an item become a very treasured gift.

I decided to put my hundreds & hundreds, (that is literally no exaggeration!) of photos to good use for once, rather than stored away on a portable hard drive.

Firstly is a Kitchen Calendar, I really enjoyed designing this on the Snapfish website! It was a simple process & a lot of fun! especially debating which photos to go in each month.. (which was the only difficult part-the photo choosing!) 

I got to choose what photo & text went onto the front, I just chose "Calendar 2015" because I lacked imagination to call it anything else, but you can put whatever text & photo you like as your front cover.

I've summarised what the pages & months look like with a few photos. 

Each of the photo's are from different type cameras, some are from a phone camera,others from a more high end camera, The result, are gorgeous images which compliment the whole page.
During the designing process you can edit your photo to improve it, if it needs to be of course!

This particular calendar I chose was Kitchen Calendar in 4 seasons , there is a great selection to choose from if this particular design isn't your thing. 

Secondly I decided to create a different type of calendar, this one was made as a gift in mind
Snapfish make the design process very easy, with a drag and drop system, also enabling you to change background colours & shuffle photos if you want to. This particular size is 15x10" & comes in 4 different sizes!

I chose a range of my wedding day photos & everyday photos to give it a more homely feel to the calendar.
check out snapfish's Calendar collage poster if you'd like to make your own! :) 

Thirdly is a travel mug! I remember having one way back in my student days way back!...Ok I've just depressed myself a little....anyway! 
Another collage type design & loving the photo arrangement so much!, this is a not so secret gift for the hubby for christmas!

Travel mugs are very needed at the moment, with Deans job having early starts & the cold mornings, it'll surely warm his heart, & not just the coffee or tea!

A drag & drop system again for design & honestly they need that with everything on the internet, it'd be so much quicker! haha. also having a shuffle function for the photos as well & of course background color change, I just chose black because it made the photos come alive a little more.

I love the look of the whole mug, even the lid which isn't a screw top, which over time sometimes leaves the seal weakened then you have a leaky nice personalised gift.. but not with this one you wont! this is built to last & looks like it'll guarantee to keep anything inside piping hot!

make your own 13oz collage travel mug 

Lastly is this awesome Photo panel!, something I've never seen before & think is a very good idea! especially around young children, as there's no glass & no sharp plastic bits to worry about! it's a wood panel with the edges slightly rounded. & very well made, it's sturdy & stands up & stays up! unlike any other cheaper alternative. 

They come in 3 different sizes. the largest size (14x11") comes with pre drilled mounting holes so you can hang it on a wall.
I chose a 7x5" this is a gift for a family member, so I didn't want anything bigger, but I'm already ordering the other 2 sizes for myself :)
head on over to snap fish for your own Photo panel

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