Today was my birthday! I must admit I wasn't all too excited this year, I guess having a child with a birthday exactly a week after yours puts you more in mum mode & less in "woop woop! party lets eat cake & get sh!t faced!!!"-mode. not that I've ever said that or thought that about any birthday of mine..

Dean really spoilt me, & I feel very very lucky. Alexx got me the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe ( the child knows me!) & Dean..well I wont be telling ;) haha.

I haven't taken any photos of my presents because I always feel like such posts are boasting.. so instead I have a few photos of what I was treated to today, (I kept arguing with Dean because he kept spending money on me!) & also what we did today as a couple.

first we went to a Japanese restaurant,a place which is nostalgically ours, & evokes happy memories of us before we were "Dada & Muma" or "Al's parents"  The hand you can see is Deans not mine by the way! 

We walked around the German market, another special place in our hearts, & we went in an absolute favourite shop of mine, Urban outfitters! these two pieces were in the sale rails, & I love them both a lot! we also got the jars in urban outfitters, which will be perfect for our daily healthy juices we're making :)

I also got the new smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS & a limited edition blush by Shu uemura in selfridges.

& then back home for a takeaway dinner & a little birthday cake (I did ask for a little one just in case people were thinking how pathetic it looks)

another year older, & perhaps a little wiser?