Attempting Biscuits..

Last year for Christmas I received a lovely Christmas treats book, filled with inspiring recipes.

I decided, as myself & Dean are hosting Christmas this year id make extra effort. But one problem.. I'd never even made the one thing that was basic on Christmas, biscuits. I can cook everything from a fish dish to a roast, but biscuits I've never even attempted. My parents never ate biscuits or even brought them, so I decided to break a learned habit & practice while I had the chance.

instantly knew where I went wrong, I'd not quite rolled out the dough thin enough, so they were rather thick & took longer to cook.. BUT I didn't burn them & they tasted lovely! so not bad for my first attempt! just need to keep practising. not that Dean & Al will mind haha! 

Al helped me ice them, but next time i'll cheat & use the icing pens for a more realistic look.

In case their identities aren't known they're dinosaurs & soldiers 

Here I am playing host to sir Alexx's biscuit needs haha!