A little personal

I dislike putting myself in a position where others know my business, where people know private things about me, I hope I achieve a happy medium when I blog. But sometimes in order to relate to other people & share, you have to give something back...

Earlier in the year we suffered a very big loss & it took all of my strength mentally & physically to pick myself back up again, both for myself & my husband. It was quite honestly the most earth shattering  thing I've ever gone through in my life & at one point didn't even want to get out of bed.

We are both moving in small steps each day. Something I don't think I'll ever be over, or want to be..But with the help of a wonderful medium we were finally able to have answers to some questions. That our baby girl is in heaven. 

I want to confirm something else also, we are not pregnant. For several weeks now, we believed highly we may have been but we are not pregnant, this is 100% fact unfortunately.

Sometime in the future we're hopeful we'll be blessed again but myself and my husband want to now focus on our family as it is now at this current moment in time. 

I apologise for such a sad post,& promise tomorrow's post will be a lot my joyful!