A day out

Today we all woke up and pondered on what to do, where to go? & what to see.. it was one of those I have no idea days, so I suggested going to a national trust place. so Dean soon found one & we were off.

It was a chilly start to the day, we shivered slightly in our inadequate clothing, as always we dress Al in 100% the right clothing, but never quite manage it for ourselves..  but we soon warmed up as the day went on..

we walked in total 2 miles today, plenty of exciting things to see, & plenty of muddy puddles for Al.

he's got this lovely habit at the moment of everyone we meet he'll say hello to, & then blows kisses to them, I remember one man felt very uncomfortable after Al had blown a kiss to him, so I looked at him and smiled, to reassure him it was all ok.

Al was too tired to visit the huge climbing frame they had there.. not that I think he'd have gone on alone, I'm not too keen on heights myself so I was relived we just visited the shops & cafe instead!

We had a lovely little lunch, & inside Al's lunch box was a big pack of cress seeds! which was really cool! & we plan to give them a go later in the week! I'm excited for Al to learn all about seeds & germination..well as much as a toddler can comprehend anyway.

Its my birthday next week! I'm so excited! then exactly a week after it's Als 2nd birthday!