Packages & Diy's

Today our post lady delivered more packages to our door, completing a little more of Christmas. 
She was super nice, & she asked me to repeat my surname, it was funny because she pronounced it like I do! Like it has an "Ar" sound in it, it hasn't, but it depends on the accent. She sounded like she was from near where I'm from, it was lovely for that few seconds we laughed and chatted :) 

I've been online shopping for years, & it's got worse when I found out I was pregnant with Alexx, not something I think is a bad thing either! Bad for my bank account though!

It occurred to me I was focussing so much on everyone else's & Als birthday I'd neglected his Christmas pile, so I'm slowly building up more for him, I don't intend to go crazy this year, contrary to other people who know me's belief hehe.

There's something about being handed packages in the post I adore, even though 99% of the time it's for others for gifts etc.. Its like a present, from me,to me!..sort of..

Today we've been having some paving done to our garden, the first ever official work done to our massive garden, apart from us tidying it & clearing it.. It'll be complete tomorrow  & for the first time we can regularly just let Al out & his friends in our garden to play & not be scared of them tripping on that awful concrete that was there before!".. 

This is currently my mini DIY project, all my wedding flowers we used for table decor will be going around this ball, it's not currently looking 100% like I'd wanted so we'll see how it goes!

I'm also making Alexx a mini pompom rug, that is going well & will be done in time for his birthday which I know I've said before but I'm.not.ready.for..