Our adventure so far..

We're away on the Isle of Man for a business trip, we arrived yesterday evening.

We arrived on the ferry, myself & Dean were quite ill...thank goodness for his parents who looked after him a lot of the time!

We've since stocked up on anti sickness pills haha!

We managed a nice stroll around where we're staying, I adore this place, the constant crisp smell of the sea & the tranquil silence. 

I tried to imagine my life if we lived here, walking past a flat with a glass extension to the front, I saw plants with scattered cushions, & imagined myself with my easle, long paintbrushes through a messy bun and paint splodges on my face, with Al playdoh in one hand & a piece of chalk in the other. 

I'll do a longer post when we explore around more.

Here's a photo of Al & Dean walking together :) 


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  1. Sounds like you're having a lovely time over there :)