No jar spag Bol...

In the ever growing quest to provide my family with wholesome nutritious foods I suddenly thought how I was wasting my money on buying spag Bol sauces, when I could just make it from scratch! 

I know how not everyone has time like I do to just "make it from scratch" but this was really didn't take much time at all...

Firstly I chopped up 3 large tomatoes,4-5 large or medium sized mushrooms,1 onion & a clove of garlic. Not to be confused with the whole "bulb" you get at the supermarket..

Separate it by blending a good part of the mixture and setting some aside..

Now yes I know it looks ruddy awful! But bare with me on this!

Cook off your mince, I'm using British beef from our local butchers.. Then add the blended mixture...

Afterwards add your chunky mixture, I've kept it apart until now to add texture to the bolognaise 

Serve with pasta & if desired garlic bread, in our house its mandatory to have garlic bread haha! 
As you can see most of mine went in my sons tummy! :)

Cooking doesn't have to be scary or a chore it can be so easy & quick if you let it be