New equipment & un-halloween

Today me & Alexx went to visit our friends, it was Alexx's little friends 2nd birthday a few days previous & we went over to celebrate & give her, her gifts & card & have a catchup.
Id include some photos but I haven't permission from my friend,so I wont :)

After all the fun we got collected by Dean, & went off to Tesco, I love Tesco but my purse generally doesn't..

we got a few unexciting bits and pieces, but we did get Al a new toy basket & I picked up a catalogue..I like to browse and pretend I have a lot to spend on inane crap that I don't necessarily need, but just want because "oooh look at the shiny shiny.." that's just the sort of person I am hah!

Dean surprised me to a new camera!! I was complaining a few days previous about the low quality my phone editing programs turn my photos for blogging are.. I'm extremely lucky to have a guy like him, especially as my birthday is so near too!

I'm still going through the modes and things but this is the photo I took with the camera.
I think it captures just how alike Alexx & Dean are, despite the looks he gets on a daily basis & rude comments from people asking if Dean is his dad... but I digress..

Not bad for a badly lit room in the evening time! :) I'll get better though.

Halloween Is tomorrow, I dislike Halloween, I find it boring, lacking in any sort of originality. its just a day where everyone can act like a complete tool, dress weird, stuff their faces with crap & egg my front door. 
excuse me for sounding like a halloween grinch but I'm looking forward to it not being halloween so I can carry on as usual.
we wont be doing a pumpkin or dressing up in our house. it'll be throwing sweets at the local kids evening and sat on a chair watching comedy like a grumpy cat-human hybrid... for me anyway.

but enjoy Halloween if that's your thing :)