Long journey ahead..

We had a wonderful rare weekend with my parents staying with us, Al loved every moment we had altogether, it felt a little like Christmas..

Today I'm slow cooking roast beef just for us 3, although I'm fairly confident Alexx won't eat it.. 

But we've got an early start to Monday as we're off to the Isle of Man for a business trip.
 3 hours in a car & then 4 on a ferry!.. I'm very nervous about how Alexx will cope, I'm hoping he'll sleep through a little portion of the day.
 It's a long time for a toddler who's active and curious as he is.. 

It's got a lot colder past 2 days. & so hubby kindly brought me a new coat! & I brought Alexxs winter coat, luckily Dean has a few lovely warm coats to choose from so we're all set.. Although I may needs another pair of boots...

We're waking up at 6.30 am tomorrow morning..you can all guess how well that went down with me.. At least Alexx can sleep, I'm not worried about myself. 

Whilst Deans doing businessy things, I'll be out exploring with Alexx :) I cannot wait!