Little Treehouse children's boutique

A little while ago I stumbled upon this gorgeous online shop called little treehouse children's boutique via Facebook, I'm a firm advocate for buying handmade & supporting local & UK businesses.

Gorgeous Christmas themed fabrics appeared on her page ready for Christmas garments, & I couldn't resist. I thought what better way to celebrate Christmas at our house this year than to get Alexx something awesome to wear for the occasion? 

Vaishali was super friendly & helpful throughout the whole process! 
It took myself and Dean 2 days to measure him to make sure he would fit (this is because he's tall & a little stocky for his age) not to mention a typical difficult at times toddler! Heh..

We recieved the package this morning and could wait to open it!

It came carefully wrapped and packaged (I just wish my camera wasn't so silly at focussing...) 

I almost didn't want to open it up haha!

It's beautfully well made, & we adore it, after all the festivities are over this year we'll be carefully putting into his memory box to keep.

If you'd like something very special made for your little one(s) just search on Facebook "The little treehouse children's boutique" 

But wait!..

If you enter the code "2210148" with my name "zombiiemummy" with your next order we will both receive a free gift! Neat eh? :)

Please note: this is for one friend only so is a first come first served code, with a minimum speed of £25.00.