How to buy for children when you have no clue yourself!-birthday/Christmas edition

This post is inspired by many family & friends saying to me how stressed they are when they have to buy gifts for children that aren't they're own or have no direct contact with regularly. 

This is for all those who have no clue, in the hope this will help spark imagination.

This won't be a post telling you what to buy,but a post helping you choose something you wont regret as said child rips up the wrapping to find something inappropriate.

But buying something will depend how old the child is. Shops like the early learning center are great for this as all products are labelled with age stages, which greatly increase your chances of a good gift!

Newborn to 6months-  clip on pushchair toys are excellent gifts, many different designs to choose from & can be used almost anywhere!
sensory type cardboard books, especially ones with little mirrors!
12 months (1year old)-  interactive toys, ones that have different sounds,buttons & lights.-this is the age they really get into everything!
2 years to 3 years-  paper,chunky crayons,colouring books, short story books-ones with bold pictures large text, ride along toys,cars,trains,building bricks,duplo- a widely known age for the "testing" age where all toddlers test their boundaries & want to get their hands on & in everything!
4 years to 5 years- This is the age where children are more independent than ever before, they do not want to be seen as a baby or toddler, but as mini grownups, this is the age you can ask them, for myself this age is an easy age, my nephew is 5 & loves all things Lego!, as unhelpful as this age may seem on this post, it can be a difficult age as well. Lego,leapfrog toys (electronic ones), cars,trains,gift vouchers-so the child can pick they're own toys!

Any age can seem difficult if your inexperienced buying for a child, but one of the tricks I use is watching a child I know I'm buying a gift for, play, see what they love to play with first hand! If you see them play only with dolls, then head to a toy section with dolls & accessories!, if all they do is run around not generally play with anything in particular, then head to an outdoors section of a shop, there you'll find all manner of things!  

And if in doubt ask the parents/carers (hoping they don't say the age old annoying phrase "you don't need to get them anything!") 

I hope I have helped shine some light on buying for children!