Ella's kitchen

In our family we love simple foods, we dislike the use of harsh chemicals as most parents will agree.

Alexx is getting to an awkward age now where foods he used to love, now won't even go anywhere near his mouth, so feeding him is a daily struggle, & I know I'm not alone in this either!

We love Ella's kitchen because of the inventive combinations & shapes, as toddlers are quite visual eaters, it benefits for having a visually appealing plateful!-that & to not give up on feeding them healthily.

You'll probably know without even knowing Alexx that his favourite will be the raspberries & bananas multigrain nibbles! Haha. But he loves all pictured above, myself & my husband love coming up with new ideas to get him to finish his plateful, using dairy lea cheese, buttered bread fingers, soup..the list goes on & on with what Ella's kitchen goodies are great with!