A slow day..

Today was a slow day for us, Dean had a meeting, so for most of the day it was just me & Alexx. 

I felt really quite dizzy and sluggish for most of the morning, so I crashed out guiltily on the sofa watching Al play, not that he was all that worried, toddlers at this age are most of the time play solitary. 
I'm ok now but have felt quite cotton wool headed for a few days now, it must be the change in weather..


Dean came home with some treasures from his childhood,some books & a portable desk with magnetic board,letters & numbers. Alexx took a real shine to it & we all played with it for most of the evening.

Als 2nd birthday is ever creeping nearer, I'm not entirely sure if I'm ready for him to be 2.. But like most things, it doesn't matter if your ready or not, the earth will keep on spinning all the same.

I thought I'd do a post soon about his gifts we brought him, some are handmade & from independent shops. If you'd like to see this sort of post leave a quick comment below 😄 

Another thing Al's really got into is his car track. A gift from his nana & grandad last year. I plan to get him some more add ons if I can! 

Are you ready for Christmas yet? Have you been shopping for Christmas earlier in the year like me? Or do you leave it later?