A day in our lives..

Not sure how this post will go, if its popular or not.. I thought it would make an interesting read, a small window into our own lives, I find reading and watching others days fascinating..so here goes!

A particular day when we're lucky enough to have Dean with us.

7.30am: we awake to Als stirring, this wakes Dean up first usually and me second, it never used to be that way.
Alexx awakes 25 minutes after, leaving Dean and I wide awake with absolutely no hope of falling back asleep..

We do our usual morning routine, baths,showers, dressed & makeup for me.

8.40am: We sit down to breakfast, I decided spur of the moment to make us all french toast, & Al something extra special.

Scrambled Egg with octopus sausages. (not real octopus!)

Unfortunately my creative food art wasn't appreciated... well I thought it was good anyway..

10am+:  we decide to head to a few shops, to buy a few bits for gifts ready for christmas,
We brought a photo frame, a cushion, some glitter (for the tots) 
we took Al to see some animals in the local pet shop, they had lovely rabbits & guinea pigs, rabbits are a particular favourite of his, possibly because of his love for the BBC program "Bing" 

12pm:  We're at a supermarket getting some lunch, & some random pieces, but always leaving with more than we intend to..  
no free parking in the parent bays mean we end up parking miles away..

the only exciting buy, we have firm favourites in our house, but are excited to try these!

1pm+:   We sit and eat our lunch, & as always Al has something slightly different from us.

Al trying out the Ella's kitchen "raisins & spelt cookies" 
result? success! yum!

2pm+: After some chores we get out our bargain purchase of the day 3 tubs of playdoh, colours picked out by Al all by himself too! 

Creations entirely by himself, Dean & myself watching in awe as sometimes all we see is this helpless newborn & not a thriving, intelligent toddler.. 

He soon told us when he was bored! which was about 15 minutes into the activity, which for a toddler, regardless of gender, is pretty good! 

2.15pm+:  We pack away the playdoh, Al wanted to help but I let him off, telling him to choose whatever he wanted to play next, I love that he wants to help tidy away, but sometimes I grow bored of being the unfun one.. & yes there's always one parent who is the unofficial "unfun one" 

after some quality time altogether playing cars,trains & with his Duplo, I decided to clean my kitchen & dining table area a little more after the brief wipe it had after the playdoh shenanigans.

And in typical Al fashion he wanted to help, insisted actually haha! so I let him do his own kitchen!

He told me where to spray & he wiped. I guess to a young child watching a parent do something as simple as cleaning, they want in on the "fun" too.. I say fun like that because we all know it isn't fun at all!

After that we play more, do some of his sticker activities in his magazines & I prepare dinner. which I know you'll all agree not photo worthy at all..