Why I hate toddler groups...but still go!!

Ive been taking Al to our local toddler group since he was 1, I felt it was great for not only him but me as well, as I'm not from here, I thought the best way to ingrate here would be to join a club.

The first time we ever went I still remember what he was like, he stood for a few seconds & then dove straight in & loved it! 

Unless I go with friends I know already, I'm totally alone, nobody will talk to me, it's not like I don't try, I try to bring up conversation with mums & I'm always super friendly with children. But something screams "don't talk to me" and 1 year & 9 months on I've totally given up trying. I take Al every week without fail! He has a brilliant time & it's always difficult to get him to come home haha!  

We've all caught neurovirus as a result of the group & countless colds along the way!

It still bothers me there's these little cliques & I seem to be the only one who can come alone & not sit and chatter all the time! But I promised myself I'd do it all for my child & not for my own gain. Maybe when he goes to nursery or school I'll make more friends. 

I'm grateful Al is happy & healthy to attend a group like that, I'm a natural pessimist trying to be an optimist as a result of being a parent & sometimes find myself slipping back to my natural way is all too easy..

Al is now napping so I'm taking advantage by chilling out after this mornings monster meltdown...oh & I've done more Christmas shopping online! Yay! :D 

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  1. I hate toddler groups with a passion!!!
    I always get looked down on from the chavvy mums or the mums who are old enough to be my mum
    But the boys do have fun but I stopped taking them when Oscar got pushed over and nothing was done about it. Is rather go to a park or soft play. It's such a Shame most women are still bitchy school girls at heart :(