The Bug

So around 3am this morning we awoke to the spluttering sound from the baby monitor, rushing into his room before even gathering any thought to where we were, we found he had been sick.

Odd we thought because throughout the whole previous day we had, had a fab, normal day & nighttime.
we sorted everything out in his room & poor Al & settled him back down, he awoke again to more sick at 5am ish. I knew then we had a bug on our hands..

Today we had a lazy day, I wore no make-up or even did my hair, only brushing it in a little ponytail, Al has been tired all day, who can blame him really Bugs do make you tired, but he managed to fit in a tiny amount of playtime into his day, he never ceases to amaze me really, he smiled as best he could throughout today & napped on me for a solid 2 hours, Dean was great, he propped me up on the sofa whilst I snuggled with Al & watch tv.

I'm glad I'm not the type of person to be all "omg eww sick,poo" etc.. forever myself been drawn into these "I cant believe you can deal with it all"  type conversational statements. nobody likes vomit or excrement or urine. I myself find it particularly difficult to deal with anything that falls from ones nose, but when your a parent you can't think that way, you have to deal with it without a fuss (because your child IS watching you!) & deal with it in a calm and efficient way.for me its part of the job of being a mum & a parent.

I'm very thankful for my washing machine, It was a gift from my grandfather, & is a 17kg load washing machine which set him back a little, however has been put into good use ever since we moved in 2 years ago this year. our house is now thanks to this bug, full of drying washing. another undesirable job of a parent, never-ending washing & ironing.

luckily these sort of jobs don't really bother me at all. I quite like digging into my laundry pile & ironing a little t-shirt or trousers :) his little outfits seem to grow bigger & bigger each time..

We're hoping for a better night/early morning for him, & hoping its like the last one he had & lasted one day. It angers me when he catches these bugs though because I know any hint of a cold or bug from us or Al we stay in and make sure he's 100% better. I sometimes feel like one of the only parents doing this..

sorry for no pictures today, if your on my personal instagram you'll have seen a photo for today, but nobody wants there photo up everywhere when they're feeling poorly... uh oh... gotta go!