Snowshill Manor

Today we took advantage of the glorious weather, a rare sight as I don't recall much in August..

We went with all hubby's family, I never quite know what to call them really, as I'm married into his side of  the family.. Do I just call them family? What do I say?
Anyway, it was really nice to see Al better, holding hands with his cousins, and family, I love how he's so happy with the company he keeps, so unlike his parents-we're comparable to hermits really, immense social situations are so awkward, all thoughts turn to "we could be cuddled up on the sofa you know right now!" & nodding in agreement from us both..

The views really were beautiful!, there wasn't too many people visiting either so you could leisurely walk around & have a great time.

A quote we found it says "Hours fly, flowers die, new days, new ways pass by, love stays." 

Well we thought it was lovely :p 

Now we have this national trust pass thing we can make it more of a thing to do, even just the three of us filling our spare time with picnics in new places we're discovering, re-kindling a little of our childhood again.. That's the joy of parenthood for the younger years at least, everything becomes exciting again, even Christmas! I sure am looking forward to that!

He pulled this face, he's awesome haha! 

Poor boy moaning and cried for his cousins when we left for home..he misses & loves them so so much. I envy him a lot at times, the whole world looks amazing,fresh,new,exciting, & carefree, the reality of growing up is the opposite, I'm going to make sure he stays as innocent & carefree as long as I can.

We finished the day with a macdonalds as it was so late when we got home, Al didn't seem to mind, although he's not keen on them. I personally hate takeaways but cooking would have taken so much longer..

I'm looking forward to tomorrow being a chill out/gardening day, letting Al play & creating more memories. I may bribe my hubby to take me to a garden center for some gardening supplies hehe.