Review: Toucan Box

I recieved an email from a friend who sent me a code to try out an arts & crafts box, you get through the post, which fits through your letterbox! It's called Toucan Box

I recieved a "standard box" with a hanging jellyfish kit inside, all items were of excellent quality!
You can choose "themes" that your child will like! 

African adventure
arctic adventure 
Bugs and mini beasts
Great artists
Kings & castles
Light & shadow 
Line & shape
Mad scientist
My body/health
Outer space
Queens & castles
Quiet & calm
Rain forest
Sea life
Story telling 
World traveller

Above is suitable for the Early years foundation stage (3-5 years) & are adapted for the key stage one & two (5-8 years)  including a few new themes for the older ones such as:
Brain teasers
Oceans & seas
The human body 
Wind power

Boxes start from £3.95 per month, and have a range of different box types. 

So onto the fun part-The making! 

The box as I said already fits flat through your letterbox which means no worrying whether you'll be in or not! Excellent! The activities are aimed from 3 years old.. Al is only 1.5years old, but we found he enjoyed it a lot, just with a LOT more help & supervision.

The instructions are bright easy to read & I decided that it would be fun for daddy and Al to do together! Unlike myself, my husband has never really done a lot of craft things with him so I thought what better way to test it out than with the toucan box?

**Unfortunately I lost the straw which came with the pack so we had to use a shop brought one instead!**

You get a sticker & a prize chart, which when you get to certain numbers you get prizes! What a great 
Incentive for not only the children but adults too! 

Alexx loved putting the stickers onto the jellyfish!

The time it took them both to create the jellyfish was just enough time to hold his concentration I think! But this obviously increases with age, & that intended age is meant to be from 3.

Alexx managed to put the stickers & eyes on & husband did the rest. I take absolutely no credit it was all the boys! I definitely recommend you check out for yourself with so many themes you'll have so much fun! We're going to order another very soon!