My reusable wipes story & journey...

I'll be the first to admit I didn't know this was a thing, as such.. I'd heard of reusable nappies AND tried them! Al did NOT get along with them so we stopped.

We used disposable wipes from day one, quick, convenient & out of our way very quickly.

Around a month ago I started to wonder more & more what actual ingredients were in these wipes, aimed at newborn "sensitive" skin and so on.. We're very fortunate that Al hasn't got any skin issues but we've always kept him moisturised & protected anyway! 

I began research via the internet on our usual wipes, I won't say which ones.. Of all ingredients in these wipes. 
I learned things such as, did you know the percentage of a particular ingredient goes up or down depending on if it's the first listed ingredients or the middle & last?. Astounding I thought..

I wrote pages & pages of what's this & where that originates from & what part is harmful etc.. I eventually came to a stop. Staring back at these pages & I thought, why am I putting all of this on my precious little boys skin?!, whether all ingredients or only 1 are harmful, I became uncomfortable at the thought of putting this constantly on my child's skin. 

So I talked to my husband about it, how I felt & my thoughts on possibly trying out reusable wipes. 
He agreed, & commended my efforts at the pages I had handwritten on these ingredients. 

I found a very lovely website & read up on the type of wipes I could get, I settled on bamboo wipes, knowing they're natural antibacterial & learning they stay softer for longer, I was sold. I brought 20 bamboo wipes.

The pros:
They fold and fit in my existing wipe case
Only simple DIY "wipe solution" adding to the wipes.
Saving me well over £100 a year.
Easy to clean, no need to dry them because you'll be using them!
I only need to use 1 wipe per change, but I use 2 (to ensure area is fully clean) & yes for #1's & #2's! 
Kinder to the skin & noticeable no more redness on my little ones skin!
Kinder to the environment!

The Cons:
Keeping dirty wipes in a bucket or container until you wash them (home)
Carrying dirty wipes with you in a wet bag or nappy sack when out for the day etc..
Keeping up with preparing them
Having to completely change them every 24-48 hours (however ours don't last that long!)

For us the cons don't come into our daily life, yes carrying them around on days out is inconvenient, but because we're using 1-2 wipes per change it's not like it's a bulky carrier bag full! 
We love that his skin is benefitting from this change & that we no longer need to buy wipes, which saves us money, which means in the long run more treats for us as a family. :) 

I urge you to give it a try! You & your little ones may love it! I know Al loves wiping his hands with them when he gets mucky! :) 

Tomorrow I'll be sharing my 2 wipes recipes I use which require a max of 2-3 ingredients! & are cheap & easy!