Grocery shopping!

Today we went grocery shopping, our monthly shop! I love the feeling of filling up our kitchen again.

I thought this time I'd show you what I usually buy & the amounts :)

We usually do our monthly shop in our local morrisons, I love the variety & prices! plus its the best choice out of the other supermarkets :)

Morrisons total: £88.24

We get our meat in our local butchers, we find that we get a lot better value & supermarket meat is mostly full of water! this way we're supporting local people & enjoying English produce & not unknown foreign meat keeping our own carbon footprint down a bit! :) 

Butchers total: £40.00

This month I decided to check out Wilkinson's for our cleaning things. I actually found that I got more than in the supermarket for less! it means going from one place to the supermarket afterwards, but it's not far for us so it's not so bad :)

Wilkinson total: £19.58

Coming up soon will be how I'm doing using Reusable wipes & my wipes recipe I use! :)