Rainy summer!

past two days have been miserable & very changeable, so we couldn't go do what we wanted to (namely walk to the park, soft play)

yesterday we went to one of my favourite big towns, I love this town in particular, I love its mix of shops & how it seems to encourage more handmade businesses which is fantastic!

I brought the last of the bits and pieces I needed to do more of Als quilt, I brought them in a fabric shop. which is owned by some lovely lovely ladies! one of them reminded me of my nan, it was lovely to feel that way again.

the amount came to less than what it would be on the internet & I still forgot the border fabric (screams internally)
It's my first ever time making a quilt or even doing a project this big! but I followed a fantastic tutorial which I'll do another post on once I'm finished :)

We also went around some other random shops, including a chocolate shop & a charity shop with some sensory toys for children to play with, as you could probably tell Al already saw it & we already turned to go inside.

Als speech is doing brilliantly & the Makaton really helps too, we treat it as another language not as a "tool to help speech" as such. Als cousins speak 2 languages so why cant he? :)

rainy days with a young toddler can get boring, not so much for him but for myself! Al's always keeping busy with his toys & enjoys a little time with the TV & he enjoys solitary play so much it leaves me bored or just sat watching him. I adore watching him but I know as soon as I pick a book up or something he'll sit beside me & want to get involved! 

hopefully tomorrow will be a better day so we can go out and play!