Motherly Advice..

On holiday I stumbled upon a book, my love of books at one time was so great id regularly finish a book weekly. having a toddler,husband & a house to keep often keeps you busy enough.
that & i have this blog, unfinished craft projects & an on-line course forever waiting for me to plunge myself into.

but this book captured me, & i had to take it home, so I payed the £2 he wanted for it & began reading on one of the boring evenings when little one is in bed & you cant quite bring yourself to do anything else but veg out on a sofa.

This book about mothers like me,you & similar is about a group, a club of women they founded the CCC or "Cooperative Correspondence Club" a magazine which was a secret magazine for women with children starting in 1935! 
the magazine was passed around via post to the members.

I've only just started reading so I'm only at page 29 ish. but already as I'm reading through the pages i can see slight friendships forming, & plenty of debates amongst the women. 

This is something I'm all too familiar with in my own personal experience. I had joined a particular social media type site. amongst it was its own collective of parents, mostly mothers but a few fathers as well, something of which is new to this generation of parents.

I had got into a "discussion" I use that term very lightly because it felt more like defending myself than an actual discussion or debate. the mother had stated she found that any parent not "forcing or insisting" their child(ren) wear sun-hats & sunscreen are less than capable. I've cleaned up her words for the purpose of this entry because of her prehistoric mindset & potty mouth. 
Personally I'm all for having your own opinions & parenting styles, if this is for the benefit of your child. & not yourself as a personal quest for an "easy life" 

but the way in which she just attacked rather than opened up a healthy debate about the topic is typical of the sometimes excruciatingly uneducated mothers sometimes I stumble across. 
my argument to her was individual cases in which she wont always see, calls sometimes for your child to sometimes not wear a hat outside. I personally went through this myself, in which i told her this. i have every type of sunhat, finally my son will settle on a particular hat adorned with dinosaurs. 
her mind was made up according to our "debate" & i privately sent her a message saying that we both have completely different  mind views & to leave it at that. she to my surprise agreed, & that was that.

A few weeks after she posted various photos of her daughter indeed wearing no hat in very hot sunshine. this rightly angered me i wont lie to you all. here was I arguing that mothers mostly battle to keep their child(ren) in hats & if not a hat in the shade as much as possible & she was being a total hypocrite. 
There is one thing I cannot stand in this world it is hypocrites. 

anyway, I found that the way in which the women in the CCC had debates & the way I had one with this mother are now vastly different. 
obvious differences are the magazine was formed in 1935 & we're in 2014. the one, the only way of communicating on a large audience basis at that time the other, currently 2014 where social media & the internet are so accessible. 
the way in which the ladies debated were healthy, they always had a beginning & an end. & once the debate was over that was that. there was no grudges. unlike what I've seen in today's society.