Homeward bound

We've been settled back at home a whole day now, it's always nice to get back home, your own bed, your own front room, & surroundings, despite staying at a house I've lived in since birth, it feels odd, because, now I have my own way of doing things, there's more room, lets face it trying to cram 6 people,2 cats and a dog in a Victorian house is no easy task.

We had a lovely time, amongst of which we visited some friends & my bestie!! I haven't seen her since my wedding (coming up to a year!) which is awful :( but life gets so crowded with things to do, to accomplish that my wants which namely are simply hanging out with my best friend are put on the back shelf..

We met up with my best friend & had Costa, I only asked for a simple cup of tea but got a bucket of tea instead :/... we all shared the muffin except Al who didn't want any!
just catching up was really nice, truely is the simple things in life that make you the happiest :)

One of the many activities we could do was walk my parents dog, so we took long walks as a family :) (I borrowed my sisters boots as I had no sensible shoes) 

When we arrived home, we discovered Als free Toucan box arrived! I'll be posting about this soon!