Please forgive my lack of posts! I was counting down until our holiday which was very much needed by all!
but I'm back now & with a plan for a slightly more structured blogging week by week :)

We spent a week in Somerset. for me its all new that part of the UK. coming from the SE of England we only went to places nearby.

Al loved the holiday being another year older really helped him adjust. although bathing him was hell. he wouldn't go into the shower with any of us so we had to bathe him best we could using the kitchen sink, which you can imagine with a 1 1/2 year old was near impossible..

It also gave myself & hubby chance to do something as simple as take an evening walk holding hands, my parents came with us on holiday so we seized the chance a few evenings to get Al snuggled in bed & off we went for an hour or so.

The weather was glorious & I have come back with a tan! not that anyone else will probably notice & I'm proud to say I even got my legs out and are a slightly healthier shade :) (its well known by close friends I HATE my legs)

Alexx was so so well behaved & even when something unexpected happened the last day of our holiday (my mum dropped their car keys down a storm drain!) he was still good as gold!

I want to take the opportunity to thank Somerset council for helping us retrieve my parents keys! & the AA man, more so the guy from the council though! & of course some lovely passers by who offered & tried to help including: The German family & the guy with the hiking pack. the few people who stopped they're own holiday enjoyment to help fellow humans in need!
 next time I'm on holiday and I see a person in need I'll definitely be stopping to help if I can!

I also came across a gorgeous Vintage shop with a tearoom! I brought a few bits from their & chatted a bit to the owners, one a charming man, the other a less talkative lady, but pleasant all the same :)

1.) little pinny/half of an apron I loved the print & they only wanted £8 I adore cooking so this is perfect...but also because I love aprons of all sizes haha

2.) jelly molds! you fill with the mixture in the top & leave to set & when its done open the bottom & you have a gorgeously sweet jelly shape! £8 for all 6

The last evening we decided to play in the on site arcade & it was getting late so we said to each other we'd let Al play 1 last game & then off back to the caravan. we gave him 20p to use in a machine that shoots a ball & if you get it in the basket you win tickets. we'd never played it before! he pushed the coin in and this was the result..

would you like to know how much was there? our pushchair of tickets? 

yes that is correct. our son a 1 1/2 year old managed to win 2,197 tickets with just 20 pence!

before we left we let him choose prizes from the shop to use them all up!

& a few bottles of bubbles which aren't pictured. he chose well didn't he! :)

see you all tomorrow for a new post :)