Giveaway wins & random bits

I won 2 giveaways this month which was very surprising & made me super duper happy!

1st was a custom best friend illustration by Buttercrumble I chose myself & my best friend of over 10 years! we were both the outcasts at school, both painfully shy & it took us a week of sitting next to each other to finally pluck up the courage to talk to each other haha! how times change!

I've had experience with Buttercrumble previously when I had my shop (The Jewellery Cafe) they're both great girls & are very very talented & I feel very fortunate to have something custom from them! I highly recommend them! go check them out :)

2nd is a beautiful pendant from Scribbelicious 

I love her work & every piece looks super special! I'm currently wearing it now & it looks amazing on :) please go check out her work! :)

I also finally got Alexx's goodies explorer pack in the post!

Inside is: 

  • bookmark
  • grow your own Carrot seeds
  • explorer book inside with discounts,tips,recipies,activity ideas & more :)
  • poster with activities you can do for storytime,art & crafts,nature,growing & food.
  • badge 
  • small bag of "fruit moos" 
a great pack & incentive! Dean,Alexx & I are growing our own food this year & we thrive to give a healthy active & most importantly a fun environment for him to grow in & this is a great idea for all parents or guardians to get involved in :)

Tonight will be a post by my husband, he'll have a slot once a week depending on how he feels it goes & how popular it becomes. so please stay tuned for that tonight-into tomorrow!