blog post: These days..

We've traveled all the way to my parents house this week, to spend some much needed time with them.
I do love travelling to see my family, it makes a change for us & for them & I do miss them so much..

It's my mums birthday approaching so we've all scurried around to get her lovely gifts, I think I've thought well this year, with a digital photo frame with an SD card I've uploaded several photos of Al from birth upwards.
these days you get stuck with the same old presents & I wanted to think of something she can always look at, & make her smile :)

Of course staying with my parents unfortunately means sharing a room with Al.. which is tricky at the best of times believe me! & we do end up bothering each other be it in the night or early morning.

we also sometimes see old friends of mine which is lovely too but I feel with each time we make the journey we slip all further & further apart, but that's life isn't it? sometimes when you make lives for yourself some of the previous relationships you've bonded will naturally slip away..

today we took Al on a little walk he actually refused to go to the park which is VERY odd for him as he adores the park.

I miss living so so close to a wide open space.

Do you have family far or a distance away? how often do you see them?